All of my workshops are technique-based and designed to infuse you with creative juice to take your doll artistry to the next level.  There are two kinds of workshops: full doll, where the goal is to finish an entire project, and technique, where we focus on learning an advanced process.  Technique classes can be completed in one day, where entire doll workshops require several weeks.  I'm eager to share my knowledge with you. So no matter which workshop you choose, count on picking up plenty of tips and tricks.

Workshops are held both ONLINE AND IN PERSON.  I'm available to teach in the NYC area on an occasional basis, and online classes are held twice a year.  If you'd like to be notified when the next workshop will be, please write to me and I'll be sure to let you know.  If you can't attend a workshop or want to get started right now, you can download one of my E-patterns.  They are full of step-by-step photos to take you every step of the way.  

The first time I found out about cloth doll making, I was at a sewing shop learning how to use my new sewing machine.  I saw a group of about 12-15 women sitting around a table, having a little "show and tell" of DOLLS.  I can still feel myself staring with my eyes wide and my mouth open in astonishment.  Grown women "playing dolls..."  It seemed to go completely against nature and I had to be a part of it.  I have been captivated with this art form ever since. When I teach a workshop, I strive to imbue my students with a bit of that same novelty and excitement!  


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Come to this workshop and learn everything you need to know to read a pattern, sew a doll, embellish her and create a beautiful face. We'll make an entire doll in this class, from start to finish.  You'll be amazed at how creativity abounds.  It's not as difficult as it looks, and it's amazingly fun!


FUNdamentals of Cloth Doll Making 
Go beyond the basics in this in-depth workshop.  I'll show you how to master  one of my favorite parts of dollmaking- the art of needle sculpting.  Find out how facial anatomy works, and and see how an ever-so gentle pull of thread creates a smile and a twinkle in the eye.  Root hair right into your doll's head... no glue required! Work on a more advanced body design with darts, curves, and articulated fingers.  You will LOVE this class.  

Some prep work is done at home, to conserve valuable class time.

Faces, faces faces!
This class covers in-depth needle sculpting and drawing.  Learn how to needle sculpt extremely fine details, and learn the secrets of drawing and shading eyes and lips using colored pencils and other media suitable for cloth.  You can do it! 


Cloth Over Clay / Skinning
Once you've gotten the hang of sculpting and coloring fabric faces, you'll want to make dolls with more detailed features.  To accomplish this, we will learn:
  • "Skinning":   Adding an outer glove-like layer to modify a doll's body and truly sculpt it as you wish
  • Cloth - Over- Clay Face:   Building up the face of a flat cloth head using air-dry clay, and then covering it with "skin" so the seams are invisible  
Clay Over Cloth
This is my favorite technique!  Use Paperclay to sculpt directly over the cloth doll's face to add a third dimension.  Add paint, and apply layered mediums to create a non-peeling, hard yet flexible finish that looks like porcelain.  This technique can be used to recreate vintage-like baby dolls.

Looking Good 
This is my signature technique!  Create realistic eyes from clay, and implant them into a cloth doll.  
Press here to see a full step-by-step tutorial.

Take your cloth dolls to the next level by making them look like porcelain!  They will stay soft and pliable with that museum-like quality.  Faces are painted using a very delicate touch and specific colors and shading for antique-looking and absolutely stunning results.  You can do it!  

Vintage Baby Doll In Cloth
Art dolls are not toys, but perhaps you've always wanted to create an heirloom?  In this class, we'll work on an exact duplicate of an Arranbee doll from the 50’s which was made out of a resin.  The face is preserved with a special template and the doll really looks like a baby.  Advanced face painting and "porcelain" technique are employed.

If you love vintage-like dolls or if you are looking for a fabulous pattern suitable as a gift for a little girl, this is the class for you!



I'll show you how to create a head armature, lay down the clay, plot the features, and sculpt with classic techniques and tools.  Learn how to calculate proportions to make your doll look realistic.  Create hands with fingernails, and shoes that look like leather.  Your style is up to you- are you whimsical or Michelangelo?  

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Vintage Baby Doll In Cloth