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The Logo Story

Who's That Lady?

My logo is curious and whimsical, just like my dolls. And I can assure you, like most everything that inspires me, there’s a story behind it.

The idea for the logo came form an old doll with big goofball eyes and Tooti Frutti hair.


She’s been around since 2006 and continues to be one of my favorites.


I created a black and white digital image from this photo, and decided that it would make a perfect logo.

But like most of my artwork,  I got the the idea in the first place came from something that inspired me.  For years, I’ve admired a concept by Italian artist Piero Fornasetti.

He created a black and white etching of a woman’s face and used it in hundreds of repeating motifs – in paintings, household items, and furniture.

This was his way of creating a sense of whimsy in the real world.


This style speaks to me. I can see patterns of art in almost everything the world has to offer, and anything can become an inspiration if I let it.


I love this concept because it takes me to my happy place.  Dolls are mundane objects, yet they are the canvas of my imagination and the point of fusion between the world I live in and the world I work in (an overpriced, overpopulated urban environment).


I can repeat my artful verve over and over again on dolls, and I am always amazed at how different they all turn out to be even though the medium is always the same.

That’s why I couldn’t resist adapting this concept to my logo.  She’s wild, wooly, and just makes my heart sing.  My logo is a reminder that by setting aside some me time, I can be a designer of dreams and  turn my whimsy into reality, one doll at a time.