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Light and Love

Tikvah is what I call a “mixed media” doll.  She is made of cloth and coated in a special flexible mixture that allows the paint to adhere without cracking over time.  Her eyes are made of polymer clay, and carefully set inside her needle-sculpted face.  She stands 18″ tall and wears clothes made of scarves and fabric from Israel.  I lived there from 2003 – 2007, and I made her in 2008 while I was feeling nostalgic. She is embellished with small beads.


Tikvah is the Hebrew word for ‘hope.’  It’s also the name of a friend I met while living abroad.  She was American but had been living in Israel for many years. She was a very special, upbeat person.  She always used to sign her emails, “light and love.”  I loved that.


I named this doll “Tikvah” simply because I admired the name, and I thought it suited her.  Not long afterward, my friend passed away suddenly, and I was very sad.  I know this doll’s name really is supposed to be Tikvah.  She has a special expression on her face of light and love.


Tikvah is available as a very comprehensive e-book pattern in the shop, and you can learn how her eyes are made on my blog.


September 2008