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Sneaky Seam Ripper

Elsie is one of my older dolls.  She was made in 2004, and I no longer have her to make better photos.  The images are old and can’t be replaced, but she still deserves a spot here.  She is made of cotton muslin, and thinly painted with acrylic paint. She glitters with moon dust made from pearl-ex pigment powder.  Her eyes are polymer clay, painted with gold interference paint.  She has moonlight in her Tibetan lambswool hair, and her dress was created from upholstery fabric and beads.   Elsie holds the key to all the sewing rooms in the world, and she tends to steal seam rippers – so watch out!.  Elsie is actually an early prototype that evolved to become Tikvah.  The body is the same (except for the ears!)  You can read more about her on my blog.

Elsie was a gift for my daughter who, at the time,  loved glittery things and elves.  I miss her being a child.  She will always be my little shining star.


May 2004