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Flower Tree Girl

Rhody is a perfectly content girl who sits happily in her rocking chair.  She wears a dress made from bits of lovely upholstery and drapery fabric carefully pieced together.


She was created at a class in Washington State with Deanna Hogan. It was at this class that I learned about a special technique that she uses.  First the doll is made from simple muslin fabric.  Then a mixture of mediums is applied to the extremities, allowed to dry, sanded, and finally painted and varnished.   I was very intrigued by this method of advanced cloth dollmaking because it creates a very “polished” look that transforms the doll into something else entirely.  Rhody is a perfect example of how dollmaking can cross over the line from crafting to fine art.


Rhody is very special to me because she reminds me of Seattle, where I lived at the time.   I remember an enormous rhododendron in the backyard, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  It was as tall as a large tree.  My oldest daughter, then a little girl, would wake up to the beautiful, fragrant flowers and the sun shining onto her face from her bedroom window.  Sometimes I would sit in her rocking chair and read to her, facing that beautiful “flower tree.”  I thought Rhody was a perfect name, and of course she needed a rocking chair of her own.  She reminds me of lovely things and days gone by.