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Natalya Boltolomew

Queen of Bolts

Queen Natalya is the beautiful genius machine queen who reigned in the kingdom of Stirling from 1562 to 1584. Cousin to the questionable Earl of Boltwell, she was loved by the people and ascended the throne which she created upon her engagement to the tall and handsome dauphin of a now-submerged island near Spain. She never actually married him, but she did invent a special bathing machine that was used to cover the royal knees of queens when they bathed at the sea.  Though bolts were not yet used during the 1500s, Natalya had them because she was friends with HG Wells.  Her bolts and inventions remained secret for 300 years until Queen Victoria took the throne in Boltingham Palace.

Queen Natalya’s scepter is a golden nut and bolt topped with a Swarovski crystal. This scepter allowed her to summon Lord Wells for time travel. Her corset is made with vinyl from a leftover kitchen chair project, painted with pigment powder and embellished with lace and golden washers from the hardware store.  Her dress is made of golden silk and white Swiss something-or-other with pin tucks. Actually, the pin tucked fabric is left over from my own handmade wedding gown.  I knew I would use it someday.

Her crown is made of paper and gold leaf, with Swarovski crystals and some more washers.

Long may she reign!


December 2018