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Beautiful Lady

Margalit is a fully articulated ball-jointed cloth doll. I was very lucky to have attended a class with Gayle Wray, a wonderful Florida-based doll artist who puts her soul into her dolls. She introduced me to several fascinating techniques, like using glitter and crystals on the eyes. Typically, I tend to do a lot of needle sculpting on my doll faces, but Margalit’s face is relatively flat with just a gentle touch of thread-pulling in the right places. The 3D eyelashes and Swarovski crystals really make her pretty face stand out. I used ribbons for Margalit’s hair because it’s something I had never tried before – it was labor intensive but the result is super unique. I learned so much from Gayle’s class and I will definitely be continuing with some of these techniques in my future dolls. How could I possibly resist?


Margalit is still in process but she is so pretty, I wanted place her here before she is complete.  Check back soon!


February 2019