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Bringing an animation to life

Krushia is a 27″ OOAK cloth doll created in the likeness of an animated character by author Katina M. Cotton.  She is made of 100% cotton fabric, and her face is intricately needle-sculpted with a special dart in the chin area to help accentuate her jawline and make her resemble the illustration as much as possible.  Krushia’s eyes and mouth are painted vividly and her face is shaded with artist chalk.

Krushia is the story about a boy who is transported to another dimension, where he transforms into a girl and goes on an adventure with her friends. Krushia’s goal is to teach the people that being different is something to be celebrated.

In the story, Krushia’s closest friends are cats. When I was making a photoshoot, my cat Ziggy Stardust jumped up on the table, laid himself down, and put his paw on Krushia’s foot. She really does have a way with cats!

Read more about Krushia on this blog post and this one.


September 2020