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I like using either fabric, high-quality specialty yarn, or natural animal hair on my dolls.  Here are my favorites:

Natural mohair locks –  Using a felting needle, loose locks can be rooted directly into the head of a cloth doll.  They can also be glued onto a clay doll.

Tibetan lamb hair – Comes on the skin, and can be sewn into a wig or glued onto the head in pieces.

Yarn fiber – Oh the sky is the limit with this!  Of course, yarn is perfect for funky cloth dolls.  Root the fiber in just like mohair locks.

Fabric –  This can be a lot of fun.  Cut scraps into ribbons form random hair, or use trapunto to “applique” patches right onto the head of a cloth doll.  It can be incredibly creative.

Feather Boa – Fairly easy to find in any craft store.  Wrap it around the doll’s head for a fast funky look. Glue in place using a clear glue like Fabric-Tac.


There are many other types of fibers on the market, and I do love to experiment!


For tips, techniques and more about hair, visit my Dollightful blog and use the search box.