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Purple Girl

Geraldine is a flat – faced cloth doll painted with oil colored pencil.  She has real false eyelashes (whatever that means!), Swarovski “jewelry”  from mismatched lighting fixture crystals, and woozelly purple Tibetan lamb hair. Her dress is embellished with sequins and seed beads, and she wears a necklace made with a bauble that I made in 2007 and finally found a perfect use for, 12 years later.  It’s wonderful to use small things that you don’t part with because you always knew that one day you’d know just what to do with them.

She stands about 14 inches tall and her body is very simple. Her velvet shoes are made from the bag that came from a bottle of Crown Royal liquor (whoops!)  I don’t drink, but I definitely got some use out of that…


August 2019