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Because I Needed a Boop In My Life...

I grew up with Betty Boop.  She is my favorite animated character of all time.   I have very nostalgic memories of watching her as a child in the early 1970s, on an old black and white television.  When my parents got a color TV, she was still black and white!   What would Betty look like if she were booping around today? I wanted to find out.


Creating a “real life” Betty was a challenge in mixed media techniques. She started out as a cloth doll and has many layers of paint, mixed media materials, and high gloss varnish that give her a beautiful nostalgic look.  Her high heel shoes are made from vinyl, for a mock leather look, and her dress is embellished with seed beads and sequins.


Betty is available as a pattern.  You can pick her up in my shop. And if you decide to try her out, I know you’ll have a great time. Boop boop be doop!


June 2010