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Penny Boudoir

Avigayil is a sweet vintage-inspired doll with timeless charm. She is 25″ tall and lovingly done up with a variety of mediums, paints, and varnishes to achieve a mock porcelain look. Her dress is Victorian / Edwardian-ish, slightly steampunk but more “Rivkah” inspired.


She’s a whimsical Steam Queen… if you know what I mean. Her outfit is embellished with organza, lace, silk, beads, sequins, and a hodge-podge of stuff I like. Her boots are made with Swarovski crystals, and she wears earrings and a necklace that belonged to my grandmother.  I love using dolls to display sentimental things, and this doll is a perfect example of making something special even more wonderful. Avigayil is definitely the bee’s knees.


The pattern used for her body is called “Penny Doll,” by an artist named Claire. All the surfacing, face painting, hair, and clothing is my design and artistic adaptation.  You can read more about Avigayil on my blog.


November 2011