The Artist

My name is Rivkah, and I consider myself a doll/fiber/mixed media artist.  I've been creating dolls since 2001, and I've been sewing since high school in the mid-80's. 

I love fabric.   I combine clay,  paint, and other mediums with needle, thread and cloth to create whimsical characters in fine form.   I've made up a few really intriguing techniques over the years, and share them on my blog A few of my dolls have been published in magazines including Art Doll Quarterly, Soft Dolls and Animals, and books by leading cloth doll artist/authors Patti Culea and Li Hertzi. I have a few instructional patterns for sale, and I dream of authoring a "serious" doll making book someday.

I reside in Brooklyn, NY.  I've moved around a bit over the past decade, having spent some time in Israel and Seattle, WA.  

I am an IRS Enrolled Agent by profession, which is a federally licensed tax guru.   I work for the City of New York as well as maintaining my own on-the-side tax business where I prepare taxes and defend people against the IRS in tax disputes.  It's a nice job, but getting there has taken me away from art over the years, and I am not the full-time artist I really want to be.  Truth be told, I think I'd rather be Chief Doll Artist on some island somewhere.  Ok, maybe not an island- but I'll take my Bernina sewing machine over Excel spreadsheets and tax software any day!  

I think that being an accountant and being an artist go hand in hand because both disciplines require diligence, patience, and accuracy.  They also demand an almost insane intolerance for errors, and the willingness to go over things more than once to be sure you've got it right.  
I guess it's part of the personality :-)  

Art and dolls are my inner passion, and I find time to create wherever possible.  Living in a modern urban apartment in a fast-paced city like NYC is not ideal for the creative mindset.  Nevertheless, Brooklyn is where I live, Manhattan is where I work, and a traditional 40-hour work week is how I must sustain myself and my habits in the studio (aka spare bedroom).  

Why am I mentioning this?  A decade ago, I was a full time artist.  I was going strong.  But I gave up hope of earning a reasonable living doing what I love, and put it all on hold to get a "career" because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  Looking back, I miss all the dolls I didn't have time to create, and all the time I "wasted."  So if you're reading this and you're thinking about just doing what you love -- no matter what that is -- do it.
Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy your stay!  I love it when others write to me and share their doll making adventures and skills with me because it keeps me inspired. 

Happy Dolling!


It all started back in high school, when I had a sewing class in the 12th grade.  My mother was complaining about how it was such a "waste" to buy a pattern, fabric, interfacing, lining, zipper, and the whole nine yards for a skirt that would "never come out anyway."  Most of the girls in that class didn't finish their project, but my mom ended up wearing mine to work!  That experience stayed with me through the years.

When my daughters were very young, I couldn't resist dressing them like adorable little dolls.  I made them the most adorable matching dresses in the world, and they were everyone's sweethearts.  My creativity seemed endless, and I never grew tired of sewing.  I did get very tired of cleaning ketchup and soup off their dresses though... until I realized that I could make "real" dolls instead!" 

It wasn't long before I discovered the wonderful online doll artist community, and was invited by Patti Culea to participate in her book, Creative Cloth Doll Faces.  I was so flattered and full of confidence because of Patti, much like I felt in high school.  Over the years, I've become completely enamored by this art form, and the rest is history!"

Some places where my dolls have appeared:

Creative Cloth Doll Faces By Patti Medaris Culea

Art Doll Adventures by Li Hertzi

Soft Dolls & Animals Magazine, Scott Publications

Art Doll Quarterly Magazine, Stampington & Company- Spring 2006

"I believe that my dolls have character.  
If they decide to break free in the middle of the night, it isn't my responsibility ;-) "  ~Rivkah