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Face the Cat

She's the Cat's Meow

Face the Cat

Sometimes dolls tend to evolve on their own as we make them, and we surprise ourselves with left-field ideas as we go along.  It happened to me today.  As I paused to look at my work, thinking about the nose that I need to make next, I became enamored by the cuteness of my cat Melody.  I took a quick photo of her and placed the doll upon Melody’s “throne”.    That’s when I noticed their similarities:  round face, large pretty eyes… and I wondered, should the doll be a catgirl?

Where she’s coming from

This doll is a simple pattern that I’ll be using in an online doll club to demonstrate an easy way to insert ears into a doll’s head.  The pattern was distributed to the members and it’s very different than what I am used to, because the head is stuffed with a Styrofoam ball!  It doesn’t have ears, and I will be making them specifically for this doll.  I’ve given her eyes and a mouth, but I’m not sure how to proceed with her nose because I think she might make a great cat!

Where she is now

I like making 3-D faces but this one has a totally flat surface.  Usually, my heads are more oval-shaped, and they have some needle sculpted facial features and a pronounced 3-dimensional nose.   This doll’s head is totally round, a lot like My Scottish Fold cat who looks like an owl. And Melody seems kind of interested.

Where she’s going

I’m going to let her sit for a day or so,  and then I’ll come back to her and decide.  I don’t think that her outfit looks cat-like, so I’m not sure.  But that’s ok.  Melody won’t mind either way.


3D Cloth Doll Club

If you’re interested in the cloth doll club that I belong to, send me a message via the Contact page.  The club is based in New York and has members from all over.  We meet online once a month via Zoom, and work on various cloth-doll-related projects.  Everyone is welcome.


Have a dollightful day!

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