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January 2021

Sometimes dolls tend to evolve on their own as we make them, and we surprise ourselves with left-field ideas as we go along.  It happened to me today.  As I paused to look at my work, thinking about the nose that I need to make next, I became enamored by the cuteness of my cat Melody.  I took a quick photo of her and placed the doll upon Melody's "throne".    That's when I noticed their similarities:  round face, large pretty eyes... and I wondered, should the doll be a catgirl?

Hello dollmakers!  I have not posted in quite a while, and I think it's a combination of many months of quarantine in the world, not knowing exactly how to process that fact of life for now, and silly "blockage."  That's why I am so fond of this weirdo girl that really is quite beautiful to me at second glance.