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A Feather Under My Cap

A Feather Under My Cap

“It is true I am rather taken up with dress; but as to feathers, every one wears them, and it would seem extraordinary if I did not.”
~Marie Antoinette

This doll is definitely one of my more unusual works.  I started him some time ago, and one of the things that kept him unfinished was the hair.  I just couldn’t figure out what fit.  Today I was looking at him and it came to me:  A feather!

This is an ostrich plume (or what’s left of it).  I cut the strands off and glued them onto the doll’s head for hair.


He is as handsome as can be.


Want to try this?  Let me show you how!

The first thing to do is cut the strands from the plume.  Keep the sizes separate:  long, short and medium.


This doll is made from PaperClay, but the technique also works on fabric dolls.  The type of glue that I recommend is Fabri-Tac by Beacon.  It’s clear, dries quickly, and sticks very well on fabric and clay.  Beginning above the nape of the neck, apply a line of glue.  Attach feathers in small clusters until you fill up the line.  Add as many rows as necessary until you reach the top.  My doll has three layers of feathers.


At the top, add some more feathers to ensure you don’t see the bare head.  Add a few shorter “locks” to create layers, and trim with scissors as needed.

You can also add some thin black ribbon to cover the “hairline.”  My doll has a cap that was sculpted onto the head, but you can add a cap separately if you wish.


What a good-looking looker!


I hope you will try this technique for yourself.  Have fun and Have a Dollightful Day!

Thread bearer, clay musher, paint brusher, seam ripper. Turning whimsy into reality, one doll at a time.

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