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Leather Doll Shoes

An unused designer handbag comes in "handy" for doll feet

Leather Doll Shoes

Who needs a designer handbag when you can use it to make doll shoes?

What’s in your closet?

Mine had a high quality bag made with beautiful leather. It was sitting there for about five and a half years. I remembered that handbag when I needed shoes for a doll I’ve been working on for quite some time.  Cutting it up was’t easy to bring myself to do, but the shoes were that special “finishing touch” the doll needed to be complete.  So I was willing to consider the scissors.

I always liked the bag, especially the leather. But it wasn’t serving any purpose in the closet, and I wasn’t enjoying it. I had tried giving the bag to my daughters, but it wasn’t for them either. So it sat and waited.  I had been working on a special doll on and off for nearly a year – so long that I was eager enough to finish it, and motivated to just do it. Once I made the first scissor plunge, the rest was easy.


I’m loving these shoes!


The leather is great quality. Now it can be displayed and appreciated in a much more “fitting” way!


The best part is that I can get another three pairs of shoes out of this bag…maybe even more if I’m careful and lucky.  So it was definitely worth it to cut up my purse, and I’ve got no regrets.

Only one question remains:  What do I use for socks?


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