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Pin Up Boots

Cute as a "Button"

Pin Up Boots

These Victorian boots got a nice finishing touch, thanks to a few pins and some black paint.


The boots were created using black vinyl that was left over from a kitchen chair recover project.  I just knew I would use it for something!


They are about the diameter of my finger.


Once the boots were ready, I painted them with copper and gold Pearl Ex Pigment powder (by Jacquard), mixed with textile medium.   Jacquard makes textile paint, but I wanted to use what I already have instead of buying more art supplies.  And this works perfectly!  The paint doesn’t chip or flake off the vinyl at all.


The metallic color looks so charming!


The real secret of these boots is the little “buttons” – a perfect finishing touch.  They are made with sewing pins!  To make “pin buttons,” simply cut them down with a wire cutter.  Place the boots on the doll, and gently push the pins in place.  Paint them with acrylic paint.  This technique only works on cloth dolls!


I hope you will try this technique next time you are in a “pinch” for small buttons on your boots.

Have a dollightful day!

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