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Something Fishy Going On

Something Fishy Going On

I’ve gone fishing!

This little fish goes with a new clay doll I’m planning.  The doll is inspired by one of my favorite artists, Marlaine Verhelst of the Netherlands.  She has an online class called “the Elf and his Fish,”  which I am following.  I haven’t felt creative lately but I think Marlaine’s whimsical fish boy is just what I needed.

The fish is just the beginning.
He is made of a toilet paper roll, a styrofoam egg, and Paperclay.
His eyes are supposed to be marbles, but I had a couple of Swarovski crystals lying around and they were just the perfect size.

I decided that he has to have scales so I made them by cutting a drinking straw at an angle and pressing it into the wet clay to make a pattern.

Next, I colored the fish with watercolors.


I’ve sprayed the fish with some fixative spray to keep the watercolors intact, and I will move on to the doll.  Stay in touch and I’ll show you how it progresses!  Thanks for looking, and Have a Dollightful Day!


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