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Persian Princess and Quilted Queen


Today is Monday — Memorial Day — and a perfect day to finish up a doll.   Here she is!  Her name is Anaïs (ah-nah-eese), and she’s made entirely of fabric.

She’s definitely eccentric.  With oversized 3D fabric eyes, petite delicate hands, wild fabric hair, an enormous collar and fancy royal outfit, this doll is some sort of eclectic mix between Persian Princess and Quilted Cartoon Queen.  Anaïs loves orchids, plump plumes, the color magenta, and banana sandwiches.  What’s not to love?

Anaïs was made without any “premeditated” planning.  She’s just a creative, fun process that evolved as she wanted to.  I think her middle name should be “Whim!”  Without her prodigious plume, she stands about 22″ tall.

This doll took about 2 months to complete because her body is a brand new pattern that I designed, and I wanted something very different.  I went through a lot of trial and error until the body finally came together.  There is a pattern in the works, but for now, let’s look at some of her prominent features.
She wears a sparkly bracelet made from Swarovski beads and small gold seed beads.

I think the hair is one of her more interesting features.  I do like the way it came out, and it was done with a method called Trapunto – a special quilting technique that is a kind of 3-D applique.   To do the Trapunto, stuffing is added inside layers of fabric to create a pronounced “stuffed” effect.  Anais’s “hair” is cut into random shapes and curls, and then sewn onto her head and “stuffed” between stitches.  The fabric is manipulated with a needle and thread to create an effect of wavy hair, like flappers in the roaring twenties.  The hair on the back of her head is more pronounced, and looks kind of like a bunch of baby carrots flying int he wind.  Look at her curl!

Anaïs’s head was created before she was dressed, so if you would like to read more about her “trapunto – do,” please visit this post.

Did I mention that Anaïs loves orchids?  She is a magical doll so her orchids grow thread.

Anaïs was a lot of fun to make.  I hope you will try some of the techniques used to create her.  As of the date of this post, a workshop is being planned for be available in 2019, so you can make an Anaïs doll of your own.  Check the Etsy shop for details, or you can sign up to the Museletter for a future announcement.  Thank you for reading and have a Dollightful Memorial Day!

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