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Hear’s a Great Way To Attach Ears To a Cloth Doll

Stick a Paper Clip in your ear

Hear’s a Great Way To Attach Ears To a Cloth Doll

Listen Up!

What’s the easiest way to attach ears to a cloth doll?  Use a paper clip!  It’s so easy, and you won’t see any stitches.  Let me show you how.

My secret for perfect cloth doll ears



1.  First, begin with a pair of completed ears.  They should have a “stem” on the end.  Lightly stuff the stems.

2.  Next, insert a paper clip. (Just don’t tell your mother you’re putting things into your ears!)

3.  Turn the paper clip on a 90º angle and sew it in place.

4.  It needs to stay this way, so sew the corners down.

5.  Using an X-acto knife or very sharp embroidery scissors, make an incision in front of the seam.

6.  Use a little bit of tacky sewing glue being the ear to make it stay in place.  The glue should be on the base of the ear, not the lobe or the part we tuck our hair over.

And HEAR she is!  Ready for some touching up and on to her hair and a body.

Here is the actual ear template that I use. The correct size for a 20-22″ doll is a drop over 1.5 inches.  You will need to adjust this template to your needs.

I hope you find this technique useful.  If you like it, won’t you please leave a comment?  I would love to HEAR from you!


This post was edited and preserved with original photos intact.

Have a dollightful day!


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