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Beaded Betty

Made from the Betty Boop pattern by Doll Makers Muse

Beaded Betty

Today I would like to share with you an amazing interpretation of Betty Boop, created from my pattern by Dot Lewallen of Speedy Beadie.  I am utterly flabbergasted at her work!

Dot made her Betty out of beads!  I think it’s remarkable.  Dot says, “She’s ready to boop, and so am I.  Boop Boop-Be Doop!”

Dot, I’m ready to boop with you, too!

Dot answered a Betty Campaign challenge on the Doll Makers Muse Facebook page
Beads were literally all the rage back in the days of Betty Boop.  I remember my grandmother having all sorts of beaded purses and things.  What a brilliant idea to embellish Betty with beads!  Here’s Dot’s beaded Betty:
Front View
Back View

 You can make your own Betty any time, and if you do, please send photos!

Press here to get a Betty Boop Pattern.

This post was lots of fun when it was published in 2010, and it’s timeless.  So it has been revamped and re-posted with original photos intact.
Boop Boop Be Doop!

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