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Hide The Seams

Hide The Seams

Here’s a great tip to take your cloth doll to the next level: make it into a mixed media sculpture by filling in the seams with Paperclay.


1) Assembled Cloth Body
2) Paperclay
3) Water
4) Stiff Paintbrush
5) Fabric Glue
6) Gesso
7) Paint (skin color)
8) Fine sandpaper

1) Apply fabric glue to the area that you want to fill with Paperclay.
For example, where the arms/legs are attached to the torso or any needle sculpted areas where you want to hide puckering and stitches. The glue makes the Paperclay stick. Otherwise, it can fall off.

2) Shape the Paperclay between your fingers and put it into the area you are filling. You’ll want to add Paperclay wherever you have an asymmetrical imperfection or where something doesn’t look quite right. For me, this is particularly helpful on the feet.

3) Dip your brush into the water and go over the Paperclay until it is nice and smooth.  Allow to dry.

4) Paint the doll with at least 2 layers of gesso, sanding in between.

5) Paint the doll with acrylic paint. 

6)  If desired, seal with gloss or matte varnish.  This doll has no varnish.  A bit of mica powder (Pearl-EX) was sprinkled into the paint to give it a moondust look.


Hint: You can try this technique on the doll’s head. If your needle sculpting is wanting, or you want to define the nose or raise the cheekbones, go for it. You’ll be glad you did!


The body used in this post is made from the Tikvah pattern, and the completed doll is Elsie.

This short tutorial was edited with the original photos intact.  The doll is not available for photo retakes, but the post is nostalgic.