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Elsie – Faery Seam Ripper

sewing house elf who needles to know everything

Elsie – Faery Seam Ripper

Please meet Elsie, my house elf.
She holds the portkey to the sewing room of every doll maker in the world, and secretly travels around randomly, stealing sewing needles. If you are missing your needles, let me know.

Elsie was inspired by my daughter’s favorite character in Harry Potter- Dobby the House Elf. Now that the final movie is coming out… WELL… I’ve just got to get myself excited over here. I’ve read all the books to my children (bedtime story-reading rituals I know we will all cherish forever), and seen all the movies.  Now we are looking forward to the grand finale, so we need a house elf of our own.

To be honest, I should explain that Elsie wasn’t exactly intentional.  She evolved, actually.  You see, the doll I was working on last month ended up looking like an elf because her eyes are absolutely gigantic.  I painted her [another unintentional action] sparkly pinkish something, which I don’t like, and love at the same time.  SO… I decided that Dobby the Elf has a sister.  Her name is Elsie because what else can she be but a wonderful elf?
Elsie is an 18″ cloth doll on a wire armature, standing unassisted.  She’s got wild and wooly Tibetan lambs wool hair and handmade eyes.  Her dress is made of upholstery fabric that gives the look of burlap. She’s a bit spoiled so her burlap is embellished with delicate beads.

Elsie was made from my Tikvah pattern, but with Niamh’s wonderful big faery ears.  She is made of quilter’s fabric, painted with gesso and ink. You can find both of those patterns in the shop.

Elsie hates shoes. So I polished her nails. She liked that.  In the meantime, I think I’ll see if she will let me give her some shoes. I might just have to glue them on! In the meantime, watch out for missing needles…

This post is nostalgic, and the photos cannot be replaced.  Thanks for understanding!

Thread bearer, clay musher, paint brusher, seam ripper. Turning whimsy into reality, one doll at a time.


  • July 3, 2009

    Harry Potter is one of my family's favorite. My six year old knows all the words to all the movies LOL! and yes I admit Dobby is my favorite too. Nice job on DS. Making a HP themed doll for the coming out of the Half-Blood Prince is a brillant idea!

  • July 3, 2009

    Little sis is so cute. Dobby is my favorite, too. You know he has to appeal to dollmakers! And now I know what happened to all my needles. LOL!

  • July 4, 2009

    Love the doll, and she is welcome to that bent needle I dropped a couple of days ago, but could she please return the scissors!
    Judy B

  • July 10, 2009

    Wow…love your work.


  • August 13, 2009

    She is whimsical and a little anxious looking .Perhaps because DS has been to France with that portkey – can I please have my little silver thimble back ? On second thoughts she can keep it, maybe she needed it for a spicy elf beverage. By the way DS(said with a French accent) means Déesse -"goddess" over here.
    Love your blog and thanks for putting it up – it is an inspiration !

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