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Class With Deanna Hogan

Making Deanna's "Verity" Pattern

Class With Deanna Hogan

This past weekend, I had the privilege of taking a class with Deanna Hogan. What a treat it was, and what an absolutely inspiring artist she is.

I learned so much and I enjoyed myself more than I have in ages. Deanna is a fine teacher and she has incredible patience. No wonder her dolls are so beautiful.

We made her “Verity” pattern.  This pattern was great fun and focuses on a technique that Deanna learned from Helen Pringle.  Helen was a famous doll maker of yesteryear, who figured out how to paint cloth dolls so that the paint would not chip off of the soft fabric over time.

Here is a photo of all the dolls together.  Mine is the one on the bottom with the green dress and blue bow.


Here’s a closeup of my completed doll, Cassie.  It’s hard to believe that she is really made from fabric!

I’m a total advocate of doll classes or any type of art class that supports whatever you are passionate about.  When I take a class, it invigorates me and gets my creativity going.  I also believe it puts years on my life because I feel so thrilled to be in my element around like-minded people.  The inspiration for a class stays with me for years.

I hope to meet you someday in class!

Have a Dollightful Day!

This is a wonderful legacy post.  I hope to meet Deanna again sometime!