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People Dolls

People Dolls

This is my newest doll craze.  I decided I am going to make arbitrarily shaped whimsical dolls with faces of real people.  the body is different….. Can you guess who she is?


The body looks nothing like the real person’s body, obviously.  It’s not needle sculpted or intricate.  Just plain fun.
She’s also comical and a bit sassy.  She has a pretty face, and has a silk heart over her tummy.   I can relate to that!!
The doll is wearing a beaded necklace with a Swarovski Strass crystal.  Strass is a grade of Swarovsky crystal and is the finest in the world.   I got the crystal from a stunning [and expensive] contemporary chandelier by Schonbeck.  (I work in a designer gallery lighting showroom so I tend to graze salvageable little treasures when I can!)  The part where the hole is got damaged so it cannot be pinned to the chandelier any longer.  I found a better use for it anyway…really  suits the doll’s personality because the “face person” liked to wear glitzy glam jewelry.

Can you guess who this is?

Cute little shoes

I actually like this concept…it’s growing on me.  I learned something from working with interior designers… in contemporary applications “less is more.”    The simpler the lines, the less going on- the more impact it has.

I guess that is where my headspace is right now!  What do you think?
This doll is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

Thread bearer, clay musher, paint brusher, seam ripper. Turning whimsy into reality, one doll at a time.


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