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Cowboy Slim

Cowboy Slim

The doorbell rang just before 2:00 this afternoon, and what do you know- Cowboy Slim did mosey on in!

Cowboy Slim is my entry for Li Hertzi’s new and fabulous book, Art Doll Adventures. He’s such a character! I forgot to photograph him before I sent him into the wild blue yonder, and now that he’s back- well I’mma round up dem photos!

First off, lookit this silly hat. Not your typical cowpoke hat. I was inspired by an old kids book called Go Dogs, Go! In the book, there’s this girl dog who keeps asking everyone if they like her hat. “Do you like my hat?” she keeps asking. “No, I do not. I do not like that hat,” is always her response. Finally, she comes in with this absolutely unbelievable hat with tons of things on top of it- “Do you like my hat?” “Yes! Yes I do like that party hat!”
Thus, my cowboy is a bit deviant today, and dressing on the wild side. I for one, like his hat!
(Yes, a bit weird, I know, but well I was asked to create somehting “different!”)
Next, we have the gun. I made it with a vintage photo and inkjet transfer paper. I sewed 2 guns together, turned and stuffed it. The holder is made from polymer clay and antique solution, just like the cowboy boots.
What good would a cowboy be without an ATC?

I really had a great time creating this little guy. He stretched my creative comfort zone and for that I’m thankful. Taught me to be wild. He told me, “little lady, lookem in the eye, and say, ‘I take no sass but sasparilla!’ “