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Hippy Wings

Hippy Wings

FRANCESCA– Hippy Faerie

Tutorial- Embossing on Fantasy Film for “Far-Out Wings”

click on the images to view a larger , more detailed version

I’ve invented a funky technique for making very “groovy” wings. The wings are easy to make, and fun. All you need is Fantasy Film, a simple stamp, embossing powder, an iron and some basic tools. They come out looking “brandished” and make me think of stained glass or “stained crystal” or ice.

Since my doll came out looking like a Hippy, her wings are Hippy wings! Can you see the smiley’s?

The technique will be published in Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine, I believe in the Autumn or Winter issue.

You’ve seen this face before, in an earlier post (sometimes I just “know” a doll is not quite finished!) Here she is, smiling pretty once again, this time with her wings.

I would very much like to sell this doll.
$155 USD.
If you are interested, please email me for details:

Remember, there’s a free pattern for this doll. You can make her, too!

Scroll down till you see the previous post about her, and follow the link to the pattern if you haven’t already downloaded it.

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