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Rubber Stamp Painting

Rubber Stamp Painting

Recently I decided to try out a new stamp I got from Stampers Anonymous. I think the face is just beautiful. I wanted to deviate a bit away from dolls this time, and try making a painting.
Painting on a one-dimensional canvas is difficult for me. I’m much better with the three-dimensional “canvas” of a doll…. I decided to use this stamp as a starting point.

It was kind of simple. All I did was stamp the face, then draw the rest. I painted over the stamp, to give the face color.

I also alphabet rubber stamps and star stamps, with Golden’s interference gold paint.

The painting itself is a self-portrait. The woman in the painting is sitting on the moon, wishing her wishes as if she were in a fairy tale. She is also wearing little girl’s clothing. However, look at her face- she is not a child, but a mature woman. The idea is, you are never too old to dream and wish, and you can have a young heart whenever you want to. Just do some art or whatever it is you enjoy doing. And, don’t be afraid to try your hand at something you admire.

I wish I could paint better, but I enjoyed creating this painting. My daughter loves it. It hangs in her bedroom!


  • February 19, 2007

    You’re absolutely BRILLIANT! I would NEVER have thought to do something like this. It’s marvelous!

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