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KitchenAid Clay

KitchenAid Clay

My Paperclay got kind of dried out. I wanted to use it, but it had been stored just a little too long, and I just couldn’t “work it.” Although it wasn’t “hard as stone,” it was awfully crumbly and really did not stick. Adding water didn’t make things better, because the clay was “hardish” on the inside, and got gooey on the outside. It was unmanageable.

How could I save the clay? I hate waste! Especially when it involves art supplies. Well, I decided to try something… you might laugh – it really does sound a bit silly. VERY silly, actually. But, I am glad I tried it because IT WORKS!

First, I made the best ball I could, and put it in the mixer with the “cake” accessory. (note: the ball is somewhat wet, and the bowl, too. I did not put excess water in there as if I were mixing a cake!)

It’s working, but the pieces are just breaking up and being thrown on the sides of the bowl. The “dough” is still not smooth. More like a bowl full of lumps!

Next I decided to try “whipping” that clay. (Bad!) If beating it didn’t work, this oughta do the trick, right? We’ll see.
First I made a new ball of clay, to give the whipper “maximum whipping action”
By golly, it worked! The clay looks a bit “fluffier.” (Well not exactly, I’m certain you can not tell the difference really by looking at the photos. You will have to trust me!)
Next I thought I would get lucky if I tried the next accessory on my KitchenAid – the dough hook.
Walla! A perfectly splendid bit of Paperclay, absolutely kneadable and ready for that next art project!


  • February 4, 2007

    Oh my … I hope everything cleaned up easily. Glad it worked for you – you do come up with the best ideas!

  • February 15, 2007

    Great tip. I shall now have hope for that clay that gets left behind.

    Judy in York

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