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Mrs. Flattenstein has Arrived

Mrs. Flattenstein has Arrived

Way back in 2005, a group of women from around the world (including myself) decided to collaborate on a doll project called “Flat Stanley.” It’s based on a classic children’s book in which a flat boy named Stanley is sent around the world in an envelope to other children, and they write about Stanley’s adventures with them in the area they live in. We adapted the idea to suit our artful needs: each person was to create a journal and a flat doll, which we would send through the mail and add to, little by little. My doll is affectionately named “Mrs. Flattenstein.”
A year and a half later, I got my doll and journal back. The doll has evolved into a beautiful work of art, and the journal is full of treasure- warm words, collage, artistic journeys, and personality.

The Flat Stanley Doll Challenge was born through the Doll Street Journal, a wonderful group of like minded doll friends I’ve become acquainted with over the past several years. I chose to use “Dreaming” as my theme.
The doll is sitting on the front cover of the journal. Near the spine, it says, “An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream in the actual world.”

Prior to sending it off, I decorated the first two pages of the journal. They reflect my “dream theme.”

This was fun. I wet a photograph and scratched it. Then I colored it with watercolors. Using a black marker, I drew a funny body. Then I added wild and wooly pink mohair and put a crown on my head, and a transparent star over my eye.
Finally, I gave myself some rubber stamped high heel shoes! You can see those in the previous picture. Click on them to make them larger.
When I made these collages for my journal, I used interesting elements to create the backgrounds: Handmade paper with real dried flowers inside, strips of a tissue-paper sewing pattern (the kind you buy from Butterick, McCalls, etc), a page from an Israeli telephone book, and lots of golden gel medium.

I’ve still got some more empty pages in my journal. I’d so much love to have them filled up! If you are a “dreamer” and would like to add to my journal, please email me. I’d really love that. And I’m certain Mrs. Flattenstein would love it too!


  • January 20, 2007

    My she has transformed into a beauty. You must be thrilled to have her back.

  • January 21, 2007

    I just found your blog. You’re talents are inspiring!

  • January 21, 2007

    Rivkah your Mrs. Flattenstein sure turn out beautiful, and you doll is turning out very nicely. Love the idea of the cakes and they are very creative looking. Love and Hugs Dianne Sahakian

  • January 23, 2007

    Well, I have FOUND you again, Rivkah! I’m so happy to see your beautiful creations, and most of all, to find YOU looking so well & happy! I will be visiting your blog each day to keep up with all you are doing! Love your completed Mrs. Flattenstein!

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