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Painting With Thread

a great way to add unexpected color dimension to dolls

Painting With Thread

Here’s a wonderful painting technique that can add a lot of interest to a cloth doll: Use thread to paint a random pattern on fabric.
You can prepare the fabric to be used to cut out your doll pattern, or paint directly on a doll after it has been stuffed.  The result is extremely interesting, and definitely worth a try.

Painting with thread is simple, fun, and gratifying. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Cut a piece of quilter’s thread, about a foot long.  You can also use button thread.
  2. Hold the thread at one end, suspending it in your hand. Using a paintbrush, paint the thread generously. Use paint that is good for use on fabric.
  3. Place the painted string onto the surface you are painting. Let it go as you lower the string down. It will create an interesting pattern.
  4. Pat the string down with the blunt end of a needle just to make sure the paint makes contact with the fabric.
  5. Lift off the string.
  6. Repeat as desired

Here is an example of painting in blue.  The fabric is pre-painted with some random brush strokes and markings before using the string.


This example is done with a doll which is being painted along the way- after it has been stuffed.


Here’s a swatch of pre-painted fabric… Isn’t it beautiful?  Some extra touches were added – dots made with blue and gold paint.

The swatch can be used to cut doll arms or legs, and will look like clothing.  It’s creativity at its very finest!
I hope you’ll try this.  Have fun, thank you for visiting, and have a dollightful day!

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