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Threadbare Feet

using free motion embroidery to make sensational shoes

Threadbare Feet

If you’re looking for something out of this world for a faery or otherwise fantastic doll, try making shoes from embroidery thread.  You’ll need a sewing machine with a free motion embroidery foot, a hoop, water soluble stabilizer, and of course, thread!

Here’s how:


1. Prepare Hoop some water soluble stabilizer.
2. Attach a free motion embroidery (FME) foot to your sewing machine
3. Choose two or three different types of thread
4. FME all over the hooped stabilizer until you have a “fabric”
5. Immerse the “fabric” into water
6. Let it dry
7. Make shoes! (cut out a sole and sew that on, then add the “sides” by pinning and hand sewing the “fabric” onto the foot and sole)

I hope you will try this technique.  Have a dollightful day!

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