Welcome to Doll Makers Muse!

I'm Rivkah, and I create art Dolls.

Yes, Dolls!

My dolls are made of fabric.  Believe it or not, the fascination for me is not so much the doll itself, but the process of designing the pattern.  

Creating a sewing pattern that actually takes the shape of a human figure  involves a lot of calculation, intricacy, and creativity.  Once I'm happy with my pattern, I apply a variety of mediums and techniques to transform the cloth doll into something more sophisticated, surprising, and wonderful.  This is what I like to call "mixed media."

While some people might still equate dolls with toys, doll making is an unusual and wonderful art form.  It is my hope to increase awareness of art dolls in the greater artistic community, and to inspire people like you to create them.


Doll Makers Muse is going through a giant overhaul.  The blog, shop and everything will be coming full circle, better than ever.
Did you know?...  
The Doll Makers Muse blog was one of the very first doll making sites to be launched on the internet.  It's amazing, but true.  Admittedly, the blog and this site weren't maintained, time passed, and it is absolutely time to come back.  Like a great friend, dolls are always waiting when you're ready.  So hold tight, join my newsletter, send me an email, and I will let you know more as launch date approaches.
Thank you everyone, and Happy Dolling to all!

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