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Doll Makers Muse Turning whimsy into reality... One doll at a time

Doll Makers Muse was created by Rivkah Mizrahi– a tax pro who makes dolls to keep herself from being too serious.

Figurative Art

Dolls are a marvelous art form. And Doll Makers Muse was created to inspire – through patterns, workshops, social media, and a lively blog. I want to encourage you to see dolls not as little playthings but endearing works of art – and enable you to make one of your own, should you desire.

3-D Stories

To me, dolls are stories that you can hold in your hand. I don't try to make them look realistic – I've got enough going on in real life and art is my getaway. Through my dolls, I tell tales: perhaps a fantasy I'm imagining or something on my mind that I don't wish to say with words. Usually, the dolls take the lead and evolve somehow by themselves.

Take Time To Create

An underlying theme you'll find on this site is the importance of making time to do what you love. As a person with many responsibilities in a fast-paced city, I need time for myself. Dolls resonate with me; they are a unique medium, and I make them in my own individual way.

Nothing is Certain Except Dolls and Taxes

I’m a tax professional who enjoys making dolls.  We can’t avoid taxes in life, and I can’t live without my dolls! When precious time permits, I run to my doll place of refuge where I feel free to create without inhibitions. 

I sometimes wonder how the left side of my brain can pinpoint such exact things as tax law and numbers while the right side runs free with whimsical fantasies. It’s a beautiful balance. In my line of work, I do need precision and discipline – but I use those same skills to patiently design and craft each doll. Moreover, I channel the same drive that I use to create dolls to help my clients. 

Tax is a stressful topic. I chose it as a career because I understand it and I’m good at it, not because I love it. But it is comforting to know that I can make taxes a little more pleasant for people, and I am sure that’s because of my hobby. Dolls enhance my life by allowing me to express myself and share what excites me. It’s a symmetry that makes me feel fulfilled and happy – and, hopefully, one that you can relate to. 

I welcome you to my site and hope that you read my Dollightful Blog for interesting doll-related banter. I’d be dollighted myself if you were to follow me on social media and show me the dolls and art that you love to make.

I am a Professional Dollmaker. That is… I’m a professional who also makes dolls. I don’t make dolls for a living, but creating them is an important part of my life. Look around this website to see my work – and follow my Dollightful Blog for tips, tidbits, and talk on the art of dollmaking.


Spools of Thread
Yards of Fabric
Colored Pencils
Pins Lost in the Rug

We all have dreams. Mine is to have more time for the things I love. That might mean retiring from taxes early and becoming a full-time artist – but for now, it isn’t quite practical. I know many people share the same story. Let’s dream together.